Ready to be more on your road to growth and lasting change?
"down in the dumps", that feeling of the soul feeling empty, lonely, despair:
something called "cognitive behavior therapy" DOES work! Let's explore how your very real and painful situation can be benefited from this dynamic and effective strategy. Whether it be a painful breakup from a former love, a death you have not been able to get over or just a persistent feeling of "aloneness." Experience freedom and a NEW way of living and enjoying your life!
"a persistent or transient feeling of fear, dread, nervousness in social situations"
The kind of problem that holds so many back from their full potential. Anxiety often seems to be present for no apparent reason. Let's explore AT YOUR PACE AND READINESS this "ball and chain" called anxiety. Anxiety and the some mood disorders are actually the most responsive to therapy of most there is HOPE!.
Tired of judgments and assumptions that small changes you have made in the past did not count?
"everyone alters their mood" as early as infancy we are fascinated by the spinning mobile above our cribs, the merry-go-round, our feeling of "fitting in" in a crowded room with a "drink"