"Incremental change can be monumental!"
Do you need relief?
There is help for those still using drugs and alcohol - YOU WILL NOT BE TURNED AWAY for your use of substances - YOU WILL BE SEEN AND HEARD!
  • 85% of people still struggle with use
  • Most struggle daily with other issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma
  • Treatment centers may turn you away until you are "clean"
  • The Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Institute WILL NOT SEND YOU AWAY!
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New Service:
Buprenorphine treatment for opioid addiction!
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Continuing Education Units Available
(Attend 3 HRPI Sponsored Trainings and Receive the 4th Training and CEU's for FREE!)
Harm Reduction Defined:
Harm reduction in its purest sense, is defined as any movement in the direction of less harm to the individual, group or community. This can apply to human behavior as well as organizational systems—struggles with addiction to alcohol and other drugs, daunting mental health problems, sexual risks and many others.
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There is another way!
Have you tried other therapy modalities and felt as if you fell short? Do you feel you need the encouragement of those small increments of change that YOU know you have reached in the past? Then don’t hesitate to call the Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Institute for your assessment and discussion of therapy opportunities at the Harm Reduction Psychotherapy Institute at (202) 669-4413.
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See if any of these affect you?
We can work with groups.
If you are interested in a group or organization presentation on harm reduction and one of the topics listed above, please call. Discussion of CEU’s can be explored for social workers as well as substance abuse professionals.
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